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What GET READY Publishing is doing.

And why it matters.

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I cannot perceive the sky is falling any more than I can prove it is stable. Nor can I characterise the pathology of a viral disease any more than I can measure the CO2 in the heavens and determine its cause and effect. For these things I listen to better minds than my own.

When I consider the inadequacy of the 9/11 story, illegal wars rationalised by lies about 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and the lunatic, dangerous fiasco of the 'Covid-19 Response', it is questionable who the better minds are.

What we think we know  today is usurped tomorrow. I do not know which website to read. Which journalist, academic or scientist to depend on. Whether a doctor is being honest or corrupted by greed.

And now legitimate inquiry is characterised as a "threat to democracy" and a lack of enthusiasm for the Required Opinion gets you shamed as a deviant.

Reasonable doubt and cautious skepticism are essential to our survival, but today they are recharacterised as fringe, dangerous. Common sense is overshadowed by the self righteous 'fact checkers' of questionable sincerity.

There is no genuine comfort. The only consistency is fear and uncertainty. Anger and conflict. Our once challenging, yet manageable lives, have become utterly confounding.

We are treated like errant children by apparent experts who assume themselves our guardians. Condescending politicians rule over our daily lives with misplaced confidence and the arrogance of power. While patronising television characters—posing as journalists, pretending to be impartial—deliver an irresponsible stream of nauseating mood terrorism.

I prefer to invest my energy in things which remain unaffected by the tumultuous business of global politics, hollow culture or corporate media. Things I can depend upon. An answer to ceaseless misery that was true a thousand years ago, and will remain true forever.

This project is a bid to secure for ourselves a satisfactory future. I hope to inspire an unshakeable confidence in your own choices. To serve as a reminder: Rules dreamt up by other people do not apply to you.

Although society is in perpetual turmoil;

we do not have to be.

The world is changing... GET READY!

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